Vaticani Door Series
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Italian style armored door
  • Door leaf size : 2100*920mm
  • Door leaf thickness : 90mm
  • Door leaf panel steel thickness : 0.8mm
  • Door frame thickness : 1.8mm
  • Door leaf surface : MDF veneered solid wooden skin & With 6 layer high quality paint coating
  • Door frame: heart tranfer painting
  • Hinge : 2 pcs of adjustable visible hinge
  • Peephole : 200° vision peephole with knock (golden)
  • Lock : Italian lock system
  • Accessory : Handle as the photo show
  • Color : same as the photo show
  • Sturfing : 2 pcs of U sheap box &faom brand
  • Open decision : outward / inward ; left / right
Product description
1. Thickness of frame’s steel sheet is 2 mm(powder coated with grey color)
2.Thickness of the door’s inner and outer sheet is 1 mm
3.external MDF thickness:16mm(pasted over with grey membrane PVC foil)
4.internal MDF thickness:10mm(pasted over with grey membrane PVC foil)
5.For heating isolation black rubber tape (mass-neoprene) 10X5 mm is to be used
6.Doors fasten to a framework with Profile hinges with Ball rods
7. The threshold of a frame with dimensions 80Х40 mm square tubes
8.Edges of rigidity are made of a steel leaf in thickness 1 mm
9.Skeleton of a door 14 mm are made of a steel leaf in thickness 1.4 mm
10. internal&exteral door leaf steel thickness both:1mm.polyfoam filling inside.
11.MDF is pasted over by the membrane PVC foil with use of glue “membrane glue hardener”
12.Facing holders are made of a steel leaf in thickness 1 mm and painted with high quality synthetic grey paint.
13.External facing slopes will consist of MDF 12 мм.аplatbands to them are made from MDF 6 mm and pasted over with grey membrane PVC foil.
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