“Getting back home.Closing the door and feeling finally isolated from the outside world. Feeling the warmth that one has been missing all day, that silence that gives us peace of mind. Feeling protected and safe”

“Getting back home. Entering into the kitchen and it feels more of a rest area than where food is cooked and served. The multi-purpose of the modern kitchen, the aroma of the delicious meal, the sound of the TV and the silent music coming out from the background makes you feel right at home.”

The above is the objective which we at Juvante are striving to achieve. Creating and selling products in line with the new life styles and capable of integrating in different architectural environments.

We at Juvante are trying to turn doors and kitchen units, from functional to furnishing item, from a barrier on the outside world to a symbol of style and personality from a food making factory to a relaxation and multipurpose room

We are committed and focused to our mission and we intend to extend this to most homes in the sub-Saharan” Africa.


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