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Choosing the Steel/Security Door

The steel door is perhaps more important than the many trivial objects we buy for our homes.If we consider that all such items that we purchase, whether they’re necessary or not, are protected by steel doors, both the quality of and the price we pay for the steel door indicates nothing else than the care we must show when choosing it (Tunde I do not understand this). A steel door which has only been installed just for the sake of providing menial use, or simply for being the house’s door, can only be considered within the steel door class for its name and outward appearance. However, it can’t be included within the steel door class which provides the residents of the house absolute safety and peace of mind due to its functionality and the materials it contains .

Choosing a door which we will be used for many years and which does not appeal to us in terms of sound insulation, security and outward appearance, just for its economic price is simply an indication that we’re making a big mistake. Because steel doors that we choose in this manner will let us down halfway and will require frequent maintenance operations. Choosing the lock for the steel door that we’re going to prefer is especially important. A steel door which can easily be opened by a knowledgeable person using any tool, will definitely not protect us from any harm. How the central portion of our door is constructed, and with which material it’s armored with is very important. We should also take into account that the door we choose should not rust too quickly.

It is also very important that, the sight of our Modern steel door which is used to look outside from within, should not allow anyone to see the interior when they look from the exterior. In addition, even though it can’t protect us entirely from a harmful exterior cause, the safety clip is important in the sense that it can protect us from potential problems which can occur within the house. It is a fine device designed to keep our children safe and prevent them from opening the door. Steel doors are much more significant than many items which we buy for our houses.

Maintaining the Steel/security Door

We have to perform maintenance processes on our steel doors and the mechanisms which work on it, within infrequent but regular intervals. These processes consist of a couple of simple process.

Maintaining the Hinge of the Steel Door

The hinges on which the door constantly moves, are important mechanisms which support the entire weight of the steel door. Steel door hinges which operate based on the friction principle, should be lubricated at least once a year with thin machine oil, through its oil holes. Squeaking sounds may begin to come from steel door hinges which haven’t been lubricated in a long time.

Maintaining the Lock of the Steel Door

It may be conducted within regular intervals, at a minimal level. Since the door and lock both stand at a horizontal position, this procedure is a little hard. You can accomplish this procedure by dipping your key into the lubricant, then inserting it into and removing it from the lock base a couple of times.

Maintaining the Furniture on the Furnished Steel Door

You can accomplish this procedure by utilizing the wood cleaning material which you use for other furniture located within your home. Do not use cleaning material which contains caustic and acid based, heavy chemicals.

The quality of materials used in steel door

The materials to be used for a steel door must be at certain standards. As mentioned earlier in our previous article, cold rolled sheets or galvanize steel of the door leaf must be a minimum of 0.8mm and in door frame and must be minimum of 1.2mm and a door leaf thickness of 70mm. In addition, steel door accessories and wicks must be at certain standards.Peephole, tock-tock, handle and clamps will have dotted and bad image after a while if they are not brass-plated on the steel door. Therefore your steel door assembled by giving all that money and looked good at the time can give negative images that may disturb you after a certain time. Therefore, one of the criteria that needs to be questioned in the choice of steel doors is the question of features of the accessory used.

Safety of Our Homes and Steel Doors

Safety of our home is of course the first choice for all of us. Our home is the place where we spend our lives, feel safe and comfortable. Safety of our homes is a kind of safety of ourselves. We Must ensure the safety of our home to protect ourselves and those we love.

The first item in our house, protecting us from external factors are undoubtedly the steel doors. Doors being hassle-free in terms of being durable and safe is an issue that interest most of us. Today the first thing that comes to mind regarding home and safety is the steel/security doors. Steel doors must be in a state that satisfies us on safety matters with the security feature applied on the steel doors. For example, the assembly of central locks system on steel doors upon the request of the customer. We can ensure the safety of our homes by obtaining the central lock system at an affordable price and reliable method of installation.

Another feature offered with the advanced technology in the steel door is the feature called the peephole. The peephole being one of the beauties of the steel doors offer us the opportunity to choose who we allow and do not allow in our homes. It is difficult to estimate whether the person at our door come in good or bad faith. The peephole presents us with two options; to see those that come to our house, whether or not to open the door.
It is not wise to turn your backs on the steel door technology that provide such ease and confidence to our lives.

Steel door Design and innovation


Designed and manufactured specifically for the doors lock type built-in alarm system.

Suitable for all doors to open the door to detect magnetic contactor and the sensor that detects the incoming pulses blow the door with double protection.

  • for the doors produced specifically first and the only lock type built in alarm system
  • Possibility of control with integrated keypad and remote control
  • Magnetic Contact and blow Sensor with double protection feature
  • intelligent design without the need electric
  • High intensity alarm tone
  • Adjustable shock sensitivity
Digital Door Viewer

ser2‘PiKSdCAM’ is electronic door binocular that is used instead of the standard binocular. Thanks to its large display and ease of use; it easily allows you to see who’s at the door. In addition, you can see who has come and gone whenever you are not at home. Installation of the device to the door can easily be performed without cables due to its battery. PiKSdCAM’ consists of three parts: Screen, Camera and Wireless Ringtones Unit
The device is mounted using a slot opened for standard door binoculars. You can see who is at the door when you press the middle button or when someone bells the ring.

  • Device Size: 185 mm x 115 mm x 24 mm
  • Power Supply: 4 x AA-size Alkaline Battery
  • Built-in Photo Memory: 3
  • Additional Memory Slot: microSD
  • Display: 3.5 “TFT LCD @ 320×240
Fingerprint Lock

From now on, you do not have to carry heavy keys with you .This key entry system which is many times superior to conventional systems in terms of the reliability opens door for you recognizing fingerprint.

  • To be able to be locked and unlocked 10.000 times without the need for the power line thanks to the special batteries.
  • Fingerprint recognition in less than 1 second
  • Encastered structure that does not interfere with the aesthetic appearance of the door
  • Integrated alarm system option
  • Control option with remote control

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