Kitchen Design layout

Kitchen Design Layout to form Best Kitchen in Nigeria

tec14It′s important for Kitchen Manufacturers to design a kitchen that includes all of your needs that is why Juvante Group always work according to your need to form the best kitchen in Nigeria. To make a better working environment there must be a triangle between your cooker, sink and fridge, this will ensure that your workspace allows you to move freely between appliances and you are not confined to only using a small cramped section restricting the full use of the area. The layout you choose will depend on the shape and size of your room particularly where there are permanent details such as a chimney breast, windows and doors.

Plumbing and electrical points can often be moved, so do not let these restrict your ideas. The sink should be positioned in front of a window, so you have a view if it is an available and washing machines and possibly dishwashers are close to the sink, to ensure the waste can be easily installed.

Tall units should always be at the end of the worktop runs, to maximize the working area and keep the useable work surfaces flowing.

Whether you have a large or a small kitchen, our Kitchen Manufacturers designer will help you plan it so that you maximize all your kitchen storage space. Our free kitchen design service will enable you to ensure that your kitchen design is as efficient as possible and contains all your needs available within your budget.

We at Dream Kitchens are happy to talk to you and find the best method to maximize your kitchen to its best working potential. Therefore you must check our best kitchen in Nigeria.

Kitchen Shape
Kitchens mainly fall into five basic designs –
  • Single straight row of units: creating one long work area. This can offer extra floor space and is best for small areas. For serious cooks, this type of layout can be very inefficient.
  • Double line of units : often known as a Galley kitchen, this allows easy access to everything around two long parallel worktops.
  • U-shape : has an efficient working triangle. It can provide the ideal layout to your kitchen. The spaces between the three surfaces are properly divided to increase the use of space for preparation, cooking and storage. Two people can work together without interfering with each other as plenty of space is available. With the U-shaped kitchen a continual worksurface is used to its full advantage.
  • L-shape : with two worktops at right angles creating a corner. A large L-shaped kitchen can also be combined with an island or a dining table making good use of a large open area. A good shape to make the ′working triangle′ function well, but movement can be hindered by a dining table in small spaces.
  • Peninsula kitchen design : this has one exposed end and the kitchen cabinets extend outwards at right angles from a row of cabinets, often acting as a room divider with seating to divert traffic away from the work triangle. The shape of the peninsula kitchen really gives itself to open plan kitchens. This best fits in the kitchen where there is a plenty of floor space but a shortage of walls to create an extra working surface. It can also be used where there is a limited space for a dining table.

Cabinets can be designed imaginatively to get the best use of these shapes and give you the maximum worksurface and storage area, totally changing your kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer in Nigeria in Nigeria

tec15Finding Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer in Nigeria is easy now with Juvante. Every kitchen built for Juvante Kitchens is built under the same strict quality control procedure.

As this topic is probably one of your more important decisions in a long-lasting kitchen, we have decided to dedicate an entire page to the subject. We have listed the following information, to show you our high standards of Kitchen Cabinets in Nigeria, compared to some of the other kitchen companies.

All the units are manufactured to the sizes we require, e.g a 350mm wide unit is exactly that, not a 500 or 400mm cut down. We can make your kitchen to the exact size you require, whether a height, width, or depth change – so unusual sizes aren′t a problem.

Kitchen Worktops

Work surfaces can often be an afterthought. Yet worktops are the most visible part of the kitchen and subject to the most punishment. Colour and finish must compliment the cabinet fronts, but that is a minor issue compared to whether they can withstand knocks, abrasions, chemical attack, damp, hot pans, cigarette burns and steam. There is no other furniture component that is expected to tolerate so much misuse.

Those who buy a poor quality worktop will soon be looking for a replacement. That entails removing the sink and hob, disturbing tiles, re-cutting joints and trimming the laminated edge decors. An expensive and disruptive remedy that could cause you a lot of stress.

Our worktops are not the most expensive around by far, but we do avoid the cheap and nasty. All our cheaper worktops offer a genuine laminate not a paper foil finish as offered in some sheds, as for density of the board structure – come and see the weight difference for yourself.

Think carefully before ordering, If you are looking for a inset sink (sink goes into a hole cut into the worksurface) then any worktop material is suitable. But if you require a built under sink/undermount, (sink is installed under the worksurface) or a Belfast type sink, then you cannot use any laminated (the cheapest) worksurface. The worktop edges exposed around the sink cannot be sealed adequately, so as a hygienic, waterproof sealed worksurface it is useless.

If it is a timber worksurface you require, remember they are oiled to look natural, but are not always practical to remain looking new. Water, cooking oil and any grease will mark timber – often quite badly, do you want to mantain it on a regular basis by cleaning, sanding and re-oiling?

see our many worktop choices, view colours and even to order samples visit our kitchen visulizerpage. Just click on one of the images.

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