Manhattan Door Series
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Customized size are available: As per requirement (height*width*depth)

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Detailed Specification
Material Solid wood, veneer and HDF
Door leaf Door leaf both sides with high density board and hot pressure natural wood skin veneering.
Door frame Highdensity board and solid wood composite door frame with natural wood skin veneering.
Architrave high density board and wood composite with natural wood skin veneering
infilling honeycomb paper, semi-solid wood bar infilling, solid wood bar infilling, hollow chipboard, solid chipboard
Surface finish 6 times polishing and 6 layers quality painting.
structure Solid core
Structure And Material

Flush Type, Inlaid Panel Type, Surface Inlaid Blocks

Composite Material

Door Leaf: Hollow Chipboard Infilling + MDF Board + Natural Wood Skin Veneering
Or (Fir Wood Bar Infilling + MDF Board + Natural Wood Skin Veneering)

Door Frame: Fir Wood + MDF Board + Natural Wood Skin

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