KENT Flush Wooden Doors

Flush Wooden Doors
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HPL wooden doors

Dimensions :

Customized size are available: As per requirement (height*width*depth)

Product description
Wood Door Specification

2050*850*150mm, 2100*900*150mm
1. Door leaf: Door leaf both sides with high density MDF board and hot pressure natural wood skin veneering.
2. Door frame: high density MDF board and solid wood composite door frame with natural wood skin veneering.
3. Architrave: high density MDF board and wood composite with natural wood skin veneering
4. Door leaf infilling options: honeycomb paper, semi-solid wood bar infilling, solid wood bar infilling, hollow chipboard, solid chipboard
5. Surface finish: 6 times polishing and 6 layers quality painting.

Structure And Material

Flush Type, Inlaid Panel Type, Surface Inlaid Blocks

Composite Material

Door Leaf: Hollow Chipboard Infilling + MDF Board + Natural Wood Skin Veneering
Or (Fir Wood Bar Infilling + MDF Board + Natural Wood Skin Veneering)

Door Frame: Fir Wood + MDF Board + Natural Wood Skin

Surface Finish

Optional Wood Skin Veneer And Colors


Construction Projects: villa, apartment, hotel, commercial buildings


Normal Fitting: Lock Body, Lock Cylinder, Handle, Hinge

Other Optional Fittings: Peephole,Door Stopper, Bolt, Door Chain

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